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standard-title Afghan Transit Trade

Afghan Transit Trade

Since Pakistan is located at one of the most advantageous position, for Afghan Transit Trade, where Karachi Port plays a huge role of being the Gateway to Afghanistan and other Central Asian states / countries, therefore it is one of the special service offered by Dynamic Global Logistics, being handled by professionals.

There is no railway network towards Afghanistan and all the trade is conducted through land route from Pakistan & other neighboring countries. Cargos for Afghanistan in Transit via Pakistan (Karachi /Port) is exempted from Custom Duty and taxes in Pakistan. However, a Special Custom Cell is formed to process and examine the cargo at Karachi Port.

At the lowest rates possible, our team is always on their toes to getting competitive quotes, providing detailed information, designing a program with different transport possibilities that best suits your requirement & giving outstanding customer services. We at DGL are offering the following services:

  • Smooth processing of documents is carried out at Customs Port, after which the cargo/container crosses into Afghanistan.
  • Swift Custom Clearance at Karachi, Afghan Border and within Afghanistan.
  • Efficient handling at Pak-Afghan border.
  • Reliable transporter’s network.
  • Road transportation from Karachi to all parts of Afghanistan especially Kabul, Kundhar and Jalal Abad.
  • Daily shipment progress tracking.
  • Ability to Handle CIS shipments via China , Turkey and Europe.
  • Transit Permit and NOC arrangements from Govt. of Pakistan.

Besides inland transport, we can facilitate by arranging a complete freight solution, from any point of origin, through our wide reached global network. We also arrange Air Cargo transshipments from Pakistani Airport into Afghanistan through roadways.

For sending us your query and moving your freight towards Afghanistan, with a combination of services you can contact us. We will be the one to arrange transport to most cities including Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Herat, Jalalabad and also Bagram.

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