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standard-title Customs Clearance (CHB)

Customs Clearance (CHB)

The basic element & one of the core need for every shipment is custom clearance, which every consignment has to go through the lengthy process and for this procedure an experience team is required. Dynamic Worldwide Logistics have an experienced team at all the custom points in Pakistan, offering a broad range of services to ensure uniform, consistent & compliant trade activities, supporting your freight in avoiding delays, fines & penalties.

We provide services from shipment pick up to rebate claim, including; documentation preparation for both import & export shipments. With the competence and sustained reputation of automated systems at all our offices, our shipments take less time during custom clearance process.

No matter either you are a new exporter or importer, we guide our customers how they can obtain benefits in duties/taxes for their valued import shipment according to the rules and regulation of Government and also provide complete assistance from registration of your company with custom units to the delivery of your shipment. Since we offer both the custom clearance for import and export, we also have the ability to handle your Bank Guarantee and DTRE Files very easily. So, choosing Dynamic Global Logistics as your business partner for one window operation is the bestest option on hand.

Value Added Services:

  • One-stop solution to streamline your supply chain
  • Licensed CHB agent
  • Efficient customs clearance of import and export shipments
  • Import and Export customs declaration filing
  • Advance critical information notification to authorities in importing countries for security screening.
  • Other Government Agency Services
  • In-Transit Movement Management of customs formalities
  • Permits and Licensing Application Services
  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ),
  • Bonded Warehouse,
  • Duty Drawback Processing,
  • Fiscal Representation,
  • Excise Duty Handling
  • Relationships with government authorities on global, regional and local levels

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